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  1. I can't take it anymore. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. But Peter Parker wasn't bitten by a radioactive pair of testicles, so he first refused and then just promised to consider it. Top Rated.

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  3. Is 'justice' a synonym for 'cruel and unusual punishment'? If hopelessly fucking up a space mission and walking away with superpowers and being adored by millions will foster a healthy ego, Reed Richards is the kind of rich genius who looked at that ego and said, "Yes, I'll have some of that, please.

  4. Pornstar Results. Password Forgot Password? Anissa Kate videos. Finally, Daredevil concludes his tale and readies the sixth and final turn, which of course is Bullseye's to take.

  5. We're just saying, Iron Man would've killed him 20 times by now, or at the very least not left him in the waking nightmare that is a conscious semi-coma of paralysis. Then he befriended the Flash, only to be crippled by one of Flash's enemies.

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